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Our community is very important to us and your business and family are included in the community. We are in this business to create and grow relationships with the people in our community. We would rather have friends than clients. Our comprehensive consultations try to grow and protect the things and people you love most.

Meet the Team

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Paul Barnard

Managing Partner Business Advisor

   Newport, VT


Paul is a graduate from Norwich University with a BS in Communications and a concentration in marketing. He has a beautiful wife and adorable little daughter. His favorite activities are hiking, skiing, and kayaking. The only thing he loves more than the outdoors is his family. He has been a small business owner since 2009, and understands the ins and outs of running business and what makes a business thrive. He is also on the Board of Directors and Treasurer of NEK TV. He has VT insurance licenses in accident, health and life.


Ira S. Morgan Jr.

Business Advisor

Newport, VT


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Gary Young

Business Advisor

Newport, VT


Gary was born in Newport, VT in 1958, to a family in Beebe, Quebec. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in Financial Management, Office Management, Human Resources Management, Inventory Control, and Safety (Construction). As a dual citizen of Canada and the USA, he has experience working in both countries. HIs work experience spans both the Private and Public sectors (Manufacturing, Health Care, Wholesale, Retail, and Construction). Gary is a Graduate from Bishop's University, Lennoxville Quebec, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Major in Accounting, Class of 1980. At this stage in his career, Gary looks forward to the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with those who believe there is room for improvement within their organizations.